What is ECS Donation Service?

ECS stands for Electronic Clearing System. In this ECS service a devotee can donate a fixed amount on a monthly basis.

How to proceed?

Suppose a devotee wants to donate 10000 rupees a month to GIVE. First of all he will have to fill an ECS form given below:

How to fill this ECS Form?

Step by Step Process

Before we jump to fill the form, please note the below points:

Please use English Language only to fill the form. Write everything in Capital Letters. Do not do any kind of overwriting in the form. Minimum donation which a donor can donate with the help of this form is 210 Rs.

Step 1

Fill the Date

Step 2

Fill your account number from which you want to donate

Step 3

Fill the Bank Name

Step 4

Fill the Bank IFSC Code

Step 5

Fill amount of rupees you want to donate in words and in numbers

Step 6

Under frequency, please tick on Monthly

Step 7

Write your phone number and email id

Step 8

In the blank space in front of [1.] Please write your name associated with this bank account

Step 9

In the blank space above [1.] Please do your signature which is associated with this bank account

Step 10

Under the Period section please tick on the box printed before Until Cancelled

Step 11

Please click a crystal clear picture of the ECS form filled by you and send the image file or pdf file to . Don’t forget to mention your mobile number in the email.

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